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Sensei, Todd Warren

Sensei Todd Warren
Sensei Todd Warren
Yodan (4th Degree)

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Todd 3rd
(3rd Degree)

Sensei Todd Warren Nidan
(2nd Degree)

Sensei Todd Warren Shodan
(1st Degree)

 2014 – Yodan (4TH Degree)

 2010 - Sandan (3rd Degree)

 1996 - Nidan (2nd Degree)

 1992 - Shodan (1st Degree)

 1991 - Shodan Ho 

Sensei, Todd Warren began his martial arts training in Winter Haven, FL during the mid 1970’s at the age of 9 years old under Hanshi Master, William A. Liquori, and Master of the USA Goju Organization.  Even though his first experience with USA Goju Karate was a very short (couple of months), it was enough to touch his heart and soul which motivated Sensei Todd to come back to karate in 1979.  Sensei Todd began his new venture in training under Sensei, Hardiman unbeknown to him, Sensei Hardiman was one of Master Liquori’s Black Belts.  Sensei Todd worked out under Sensei Hardiman and obtained the rank of 8th kyu (white belt).  At that time Sensei Todd involved himself in other sports like baseball and had put his love of karate on hold once again.  While Sensei Todd trained under Sensei Hardiman, he met Sensei, Barry Macchione who at that time was teaching the kids class as a brown belt and also met Sensei, Larry Fredrick who at that same time, was also just beginning his karate venture.  Sensei Todd left Sensei Hardiman’s Dojo as an (8th Kyu - white belt) and after graduating high school, he started looking for a karate school once again to get involved training karate.  In 1986 Sensei Todd, to his amazement, found another USA Goju Karate School; Sensei Macchione had opened the downtown Winter Haven location and discovered that Sensei Fredrick had transferred over to this school as well.  At that time, Sensei Todd became serious about his karate training and has remained under the direction of Sensei Macchione and the USA Goju Organization to date.

 Soon after rejoining Sensei Macchione’s Dojo, Sensei Macchione’s involvement with full contact karate training and the managing of full contact karate fighters on a professional basis, had grown; this also included teaching at the Police Athletic League Boxing Gym in Winter Haven.  This proved to consume a great amount of time to teach at both these locations and the schedules became a conflict.  He asked Sensei, Larry Fredrick to take the karate school over and keep it running.  At that time, Sensei Fredrick relocated the Dojo into a “the warehouse”.  Sensei Fredrick handled most of the training at the Winter Haven “Warehouse Dojo” for about 2 ½ years.  The warehouse was very hot in the summer and at times very cold in the winter - had mosquitoes the “size of bats” that attacked us on a regular basis.  That seemed like it enhanced our awareness tremendously and was very difficult training, especially with the very rigorous workouts Sensei Fredrick always had in store for our classes. The warehouse seemed to be unbearable at times, but it kept everyone very focused and in terrific shape.  During this period, Sensei Todd would stop in at the Police Athletic League and assist with Sensei Macchione by sparring with J.D. “The Animal” Johnson (US Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion), one of Sensei Macchione’s full contact fighters.

 Sensei Macchione had always strongly encouraged that his advanced students travel to “The Main School” in Orlando where he himself had trained and taught under Master Liquori.  In 1988 after achieving Purple belt, Sensei Todd kept that tradition and started that travel to Orlando and train under Master Liquori until the Main School closed in 2004.  Working out directly with Master Liquori was amazing, he will always cherish the times he had with Master Liquori and the memorable Saturday morning’s dubbed “fight days”.

In 1990 Sensei Macchione re-opened the karate school and located it in Dundee, FL where all of his senior students united once again.  This was a very special time in Sensei Todd’s training as he was able to work under Sensei Macchione twice a week and they all traveled to the Main School on a regular basis on other days advancing his skills in all areas of Martial Arts training. Sensei Macchione was a “perfectionist” to say the least and he would drill the students until every detail was achieved to perfection.  Master Liquori and Sensei Macchione both have that “special gift of teaching” and both always found a way to motivate you when you had nothing left in the tank to give.  Sensei Todd always instills of how you do not want to let them down or show any weakness or pain, as this is the essence and core of our training philosophy.

With the exceptional teaching and instruction that Sensei Todd has received from his Sensei, he has competed at every level of competition from white belt (10th kyu) through Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) and to date, is still competing and been very successful in Shiai (Organizational Tournament Competition) as well as open tournaments throughout the years winning in the competition category of; Kata, weapons, and his personal favorite Kumite.  He was expected to win with every Kata before he was allowed to advance and learn the next level of Kata.  In 1994 Sensei Todd opened the “Eagle Lake Dojo” and kept this tradition going.

 The USA Goju reputation has been of high discipline, hard work ethics, respect of all, traditional karate training, and has always been known for its hard core fighting skills.  Sensei, Todd believes in these philosophies and is expected grow and influence others as he himself has been influenced.

 In 2009 it was of great honor to be asked to partner with Sensei Macchione in the new Dojo location in Winter Haven “Main Street Dojo’s, Inc.”, along with partners; Sensei, Larry Fredrick, and Sensei, Chuck Arant.  Together we have united all of our talents and years of strong bonds to create one of the greatest martial arts schools in Florida with pure U.S.A. Goju training handed down to us from Master Liquori…

Sensei Todd would like to thank his beloved instructors; Sensei Fredrick, Sensei Macchione and Master Liquori, for their dedication, training and knowledge they have so instilled in him. It has been a great honor to work under all of them!!