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Sensei, Chuck

Sensei Chuck
Sensei Chuck
Nidan (2nd Degree)

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(2nd Degree)

Sensei Chuck Shodan

(1st Degree)

  2010 - Nidan ( 2nd Degree)

 1993 - Shodan (1st Degree)

 1986 - To Present USA GoJu Organization

Sensei Chuck’ martial arts study and training began in 1986 under the instruction of Sensei Macchione with the U.S.A. GoJu Organization in Winter Haven.  Sensei Macchione is well known and respected in the martial arts world as a very powerful and extremely technical instructor.

Sensei Chuck has spent 24 years training and teaching U.S.A. GoJu Karate under Sensei Macchione and the U.S.A. GoJu Karate Organization and has operated his own schools in Lake Wales, FL. , St. Petersburg , FL. , and taught classes for other Government Organizations all over the world.  Sensei Chuck has continued to train in irregular combatant techniques in his current employment and remains under Sensei Macchione’s tutorage to this day.

Sensei Macchione always encouraged his senior students to pass on the art and his beliefs as well as those of Master William A. Liquori and his U.S.A. GoJu Karate Organization.  

Sensei Chuck believes his discipline and training he has acquired through years of U.S.A. GoJu Karate under Sensei Macchione has saved his life and the lives of others on several occasions in very tense situations.  It is an immense honor to be a member of this great organization.